Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk

Before landing in Portland, Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk lived all over. She learned kickboxing in Turkey, faced-off with a rhino in Nepal, discussed the weather with Queen Elizabeth in England, and was chastised by Mother Theresa in India. Portland has been her home for over ten years.  For the last four, she has been collaborating with members of The Guttery. Some of her readings have been published by
The Peace Corps Digital LibraryThe Oregon Literary Review and Show and Tell Gallery as well as featured on the site Love Outlives Us. She writes novels about what happens when the will of the individual and the collective muscle of a culture clash.  Her latest novel, Only Ghosts, is about the changes to a village in Nepal during the democratic movement of 1990. More at

Her latest project has been a percussive performance of her novel, Only Ghosts. To Learn more and to buy tickets, go to this site: See Only Ghosts Performance

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