About The Guttery

Founded in 2007, the Guttery is an invitation-only group of writers from the Portland, OR area.

We are dedicated to learning and sharing the art and craft of writing.  Our membership includes poets, memoirists, short story writers, and novelists.  Each week, we meet to discuss the original work of two of our members, providing detailed written and oral critiques.  These critiques are geared to help authors in the painstaking task of preparing work for submission and publication, while still seeking to preserve the aesthetic vision of each individual writer.

We provide both an intelligent audience and a sense of fellowship for our writers, and work to dispel the common, frustrating scenario of writing in a vacuum.

In addition, we seek to create a public presence for our group, and to that end we have participated in open mics, panel discussions, poetry readings, and live radio.  Visit our website at www.theguttery.com to read examples of our literary stylings and to find out more about future public appearances.