Monthly Archives: March 2011

Think Globally, Write Poetry

With the advent of niche marketing, localvore dining, targeted missile strikes it is nice to see the universal can still find a haven. This haven is a tight spot to maneuver especially within the confines of a poem but the strange breed of writers known as poets relish this confinement. It is also surprising to see a movement that prides itself on striking emotional chords through a strict elimination of specific time, place, brand come out of Portland. Portlanders are a people who treasure the boutique, the weird, the personal, the excessively local. Portland’s allegiance to Stumptown over Starbucks, to food carts over McDonalds, Jumblelaya vintage dresses over Anthropologie, Powell’s over Borders, even Les Schwab over BF Goodrich, or HUB over Bud is rooted in the adage: Think globally act locally. The poetic movement Inflectionism takes up the thinking end of this saying.