Monthly Archives: February 2011

First Wednesday Blackbird Wine Shop Reading

Again. Yes again! The Guttery reads at Blackbird Wine Shop again. The sequel that reaffirms the rich, heart wrenching, thought provoking, vivid writing read by the very authors of the very words. Words published, words awarded, words paid for, words you get to hear for free while enjoying some of the world’s finest wines. Come see The Guttery writers at the reading that started it all. David Cooke, Bruce Greene, John Milliken , and A. Molotkov will read from their work.

David Cooke at Moonstuck

After a very flattering introduction by Joan Maiers, David Cooke read to a capacity crowd at Moonstruck Chocolates in Lake Oswego.  The reading with Christopher Wicks, Nathan Warner,  and Dan Raphael, and music by guitarist Debra Giannini wowed the crowd…