The Guttery Takes to The Road

What happens when a group of talented writers gut one another’s writing for nearly a decade? Join The Guttery for an evening of eclectic ecstasy. St. Johns Booksellers 8622 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR 97203 Wednesday, June 5th at 7pm…


This short piece, about a memorable dive off Ecuador, won the 2012 ‘Ocean’ magazine short nonfiction prize. Eternity (c) Cameron M. Smith / August 2009  On the Eastern Pacific equator I lay at night in a shaky bamboo cabin dumbfounded…

Scratch PDX Performance

Moonlit Guttery Team performing for ScratchPDX (2011)

A. Molotkov, John Sibley Williams, Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk

I’m not Crazy I’m just Reading

What if the brain uses the same regions to create a character’s drawl as it does to bombard someone with paranoid ranting? The key difference between the auditory hallucinations of reading and schizophrenia would be in the ability to differentiate the source and reality of the voices. Schizophrenic hallucinations with their paranoia, fear, and derision may be coming from another part of the brain and passing through the synaptic voice box. Malfunctioning parts of the brain may be pumping the unfiltered chemicals and electricity like a fire hose through the same region or regions used to create voice from writing. So when someone with schizophrenia reads are they occupying the part of the brain that gives voice to the paranoia and using it to create the written voice?

Polish your work.

Got this email from Writer’s Digest selling critique services with the heading “Polish Your Writing with a Professional Critique from Writer’s Digest!” I thought they had mispelled “Publish” or that it was making fun of the Poles. I sent them an email asking if the Polish joke was intentional. This was while I still thought it was a mistake. Laura from customer service wrote back, “Are you kidding?” Here is Laura’s phone message on my voicemail. The greeting for my phone says “Hello you’ve reached David Cooke The Lawn Guy…”

Love Outlives Us

A. Molotkov–Producer, poet, vocals, handsonic, duduk, percussion Bruce Greene–poet, percussion Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk–poet, vocals David Cooke–poet Ragon Linde–Music Director, music Shawn Austin–poet, percussion

Writers Reflect on Reading: Part Two

I am certain that everyone has stories. I’m equally convinced that everyone is capable of writing these stories up into novels, short stories, articles, letters, notes, emails, blogs, texts, bumper stickers, billboards, songs, or graffiti. Writing is the legacy of…