Scratch PDX Performance

Moonlit Guttery Team performing for ScratchPDX (2011)

A. Molotkov, John Sibley Williams, Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk

Love Outlives Us

A. Molotkov–Producer, poet, vocals, handsonic, duduk, percussion Bruce Greene–poet, percussion Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk–poet, vocals David Cooke–poet Ragon Linde–Music Director, music Shawn Austin–poet, percussion

Raining Back Up

Raining Back Up performance at Broadway Books Spring 2011.
A. Molotkov–poet, vocals
John Sibley Williams–poet, vocals
David Cooke–Poet, vocals
Ragon Linde–Music Director
Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk–poet, vocals

David Cooke at Moonstuck

After a very flattering introduction by Joan Maiers, David Cooke read to a capacity crowd at Moonstruck Chocolates in Lake Oswego.  The reading with Christopher Wicks, Nathan Warner,  and Dan Raphael, and music by guitarist Debra Giannini wowed the crowd…