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The Guttery Takes to The Road

What happens when a group of talented writers gut one another’s writing for nearly a decade? Join The Guttery for an evening of eclectic ecstasy. St. Johns Booksellers 8622 N. Lombard St., Portland, OR 97203 Wednesday, June 5th at 7pm…

Scratch PDX Performance

Moonlit Guttery Team performing for ScratchPDX (2011)

A. Molotkov, John Sibley Williams, Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk

Love Outlives Us

A. Molotkov–Producer, poet, vocals, handsonic, duduk, percussion Bruce Greene–poet, percussion Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk–poet, vocals David Cooke–poet Ragon Linde–Music Director, music Shawn Austin–poet, percussion

Raining Back Up

Raining Back Up performance at Broadway Books Spring 2011.
A. Molotkov–poet, vocals
John Sibley Williams–poet, vocals
David Cooke–Poet, vocals
Ragon Linde–Music Director
Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk–poet, vocals

Writers Reflect on Reading: Part Two

I am certain that everyone has stories. I’m equally convinced that everyone is capable of writing these stories up into novels, short stories, articles, letters, notes, emails, blogs, texts, bumper stickers, billboards, songs, or graffiti. Writing is the legacy of…

Writers Reflect on Reading

Recently I wrote a list of books that influenced my writing and I thought it would be interesting to pose a question to this writing group.  Tell me about a book or author that inspires your writing.  The Guttery responses…

Random Act of Kindness

An icy rain chills us in Portland tonight. My daughter and I stand on the corner waiting for a light. Rain drips down my hair, into my neck, and I shrug deeper in my coat. My daughter’s hand feels like…